A universal multi-protocol command control unit

for all digital model trains with track size Z to LGB inc.

Provides manual AND a revolutionary

automatic train layout control !

RAPTOR is suitable for the popular digital systems:

           * DCC 14, 27, 28 & 128                                 (Digitrax/lenz)         
* Motorola I, II, 27 & 28                                        (Märklin)
 * Selectrix                                                         (Trix/Müt) 
 * FMZ                                                           (Fleischmann)

The Raptor central unit can be connected to several

brands of boosters directly and the controls are

particularly user friendly. The settings of an automatic

multi-train show are easily made when first connecting

S88 input modules.

All this without any computer!

Raptor: the only Digital Command Control Central Unit

You'll ever need !

Some RAPTOR specifications:

* Multi-protocol speed control with
  turning knob.
* Multi-protocol turnout and signal
* Extremely fast performance and
  reaction time.
* All trains run on individual speed
  settings through the RUN button.
* Automatic block signaling system.
* Automatic stop before red signals
   WITHOUT  a drive power cut.
* Automatic shadow/hidden station
* Can be connected as a network to
  other RAPTOR central units.
  (Also for clubs.)
* Complete Layout-, Train- and Loc

Rear RAPTOR connections for:

* Lenz  LV100/LV101/LV200 boosters.
* Uhlenbrock Power 2/3/6 boosters.
* Littfinski LDT booster DB-2.
* Märklin boosters 6015/6017.
* Compatible boosters etc.
* Märklin S88 input modules or
* Two RBUS network connectors.
* Power supply 10 to 20 Volt AC or DC.


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